Kristian Wright

KristianWrightName: Kristian Wright

Gaming History: I started gaming in the 80’s when I was like 2. My first system I ever tried was the NES back in 87…? I got my first NES in 89 for Christmas as a gift from my Aunt.

Since then I’ve owned a NES, SNES, Gameboy mini silver, Genesis, Saturn, PS1, Dreamcast, Gamecube, GBA, PS2, Wii, 360, PS3, DSi, 3DS, Wii U, Vita, and New 3DS XL.

Up until 2001 or so I was heavily invested in fighting games. These days, I’ve been spending the majority of my time playing online RPG’s since Phantasy Star Online on the Sega Dreamcast. This lead me to get into MMORPG’s heavily over the past 15 years. Between that and the fact I don’t own any of my old systems before the Wii due many unfortunate events, I’ve been trying to go back and collect and play games I’ve missed or never finished and don’t own anymore. These days I play and collect everything.

Favorite Games: Rival Schools Project Justice, Power Stone 2, Psychic Force 2012, Soul Calibur 2, Super Smash Bros (all of them), Phantasy Star Online, World of Warcraft: The Wrath of the Lich King, Star Wars Galaxy, The Secret World, Star Wars The Old Republic, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Super Metroid, Soldier of Fortune 2, Unreal Tournament 2004, Xenogears, Skies of Arcadia, Naruto Gekitou, Ninja Taisen 4, Chuck Rock, Hyper Zone, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Prince of Persia Trilogy, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Xenoblade Chronicles, Zone of the Enders 2, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Super Mario World.

Cake or Pie?: I have all sorts of digestive issues so if I can eat it, I’ll eat it. Also, I prefer muffins. On a side note, I read this question and thought of Skate or die.

Favorite Developer: Monolith Soft

What’s the one game you like that everyone else says is terrible?: Too Human

Who in the industry would you like to meet?: Hironobu Sakaguchi, Tetsuya Takahashi, Yuji Naka, Shigeru Miyamoto, Yoshio Sakamoto, Rob Pardo, Justin Wong, and Swifty.

System Profiles:

  • Nintendo Network ID – kdog254
  • Xbox Live Gamertag – kdog254
  • Steam ID – kdog254
  • PSN ID – jotaroxtreme
  • Ouya ID – kdog254
  • 3DS – 1676-3698-5986
  • Game Center – kdog254

If you could have one job in the games industry, what would it be?: An indie game designer, working from home.

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