Capcom Swears They Are Doing Something For Mega Man

The Mega Man news has basically been non-existent over the last year or so, unless you count the news of game cancellations. Capcom has been very quiet on anything that they’re doing for the Blue Bomber and fans are getting worried. They do continue to say that they’re working on something for Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary, which occurs this year. Capcom’s Brett Elston is the … Continue reading Capcom Swears They Are Doing Something For Mega Man

The Most Awesome Nintendo Video Yet

The Nintendo video service has been full of some less than stellar stuff since it launched a few weeks ago. It started off good, with Dinosaur Office, but it sort of went downhill from there. Lately they’ve been posting some animated shorts from Dreamworks, which were pretty good. Then they posted a teaser of the Thriller video from Shrek and told you to buy it … Continue reading The Most Awesome Nintendo Video Yet

Zelda Gets a Bundle

Nintendo has announced today that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be getting a bundle. When the game launches on November 20th consumers will be able to buy a Limited Edition bundle that features a copy of the game, a Gold Wii Remote Plus and a soundtrack CD that contains a selection of orchestrated songs that will be featured in the 25th Anniversary Concert … Continue reading Zelda Gets a Bundle

Dragon Quest Collection Is Real

And I want it.  Square Enix is releasing a collection of Dragon Quest games for the Wii to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the franchise.  This new collection, only confirmed for Japan, will include the Famicom versions of Dragon Quest, DragonQuest II, and DragonQuest III.  It will also include the Super Famicom versions of DragonQuest I & II, and DragonQuest III.  So while they claim … Continue reading Dragon Quest Collection Is Real

Happy 25th Zelda!!!

The original Legend of Zelda game was released in Japan 25 years ago beginning what would become one of the most loved franchises ever created by Nintendo.  There have been almost 25 titles released in the franchise (including the CDi spin-offs and Tingle games).  So we wanted to know which one was your favorite in the franchise and why. I’ll tell you, without any hesitation, … Continue reading Happy 25th Zelda!!!

25 Years of Mario Means a New Game For Us

The Super Mario Bros. All-Stars Collection has finally been announced for North America.  The disc, which contains the three original NES releases of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels will be released in North America on Dec. 12th.  It will also include a Super Mario Bros. History music compilation, which features music from all of the most popular Super Mario Bros. … Continue reading 25 Years of Mario Means a New Game For Us