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Oh Sakurai, How You Tease

As if I wasn’t already excited enough about Kid Icarus: Uprising releasing this week, (Yea the game is almost out and I’ll shut up about it soon.), Sakurai took to Twitter to post this image you see here.  It’s a booster pack of AR cards for the game, and […]

Icarus AR Fights Are Pre-Determined

One of the most exciting announcements from E3 wasn’t anything touted by Nintendo.  It was attached to the end of the Kid Icarus: Uprising Trailer.  This was the announcement of the AR fights that use a new deck of AR cards created specifically for the game.  It looked […]

Kid Icarus AR Cards

The latest trailer for Kid Icarus: Uprising showed off a lot of new details about the game.  Biggest of those was the new 3 v 3 multiplayer mode and the AR battles.  These AR battles will use unique cards designed with characters from the game.  All you need […]