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Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 301

This week Shelby rolls out west, Shannon deals with a lot of shapes/sounds, and Tony goes back to the dedicated hug button.

Starring – Tony, Shannon, Shelby
Run time – 1:30:02

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New Club Nintendo Rewards Include a 3DS Original

Club Nintendo Rewards

Up until this point the digital Club Nintendo rewards have consisted mainly of old Virtual Console games and DSiWare games from a few years ago.  This month marks the first time that an original, exclusive 3DS title is a part of the digital rewards you can earn through the loyalty program. 

For 200 coins you can pick up a copy of the tower defense style game, Dillon’s Rolling Western.  Not only that you can pick up one of the greatest games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for only 150 coins.  If you don’t own that game it’s a steal and you owe it to yourself to try it out.  If Shelby wasn’t on a self-imposed ban of Nintendo’s digital releases he might pick up another copy of the NES version of Metroid on the 3DS for only 150 coins.  Art Style Cubello for WiiWare rounds out the list of November’s digital rewards.

All rewards will be available to redeem and download between now and December 8th.

Dillon’s Rolling Western Review (eShop)

The tower defense genre grew from one small game type to encompass a number of different ideas across a number of titles. It can range from something as simple as just placing towers to defend small paths from invading creatures, to using flora to defend your home from invading zombie hordes, or you can even get crazy and defend dungeons from enemy armies with full control over where you can move. You can take large tanks into battle or you can build your defenses and watch them mow down enemies. Nintendo hasn’t really gotten into that type of gameplay, until now with Dillon’s Rolling Western for the 3DS eShop.

What You Need to Know

Dillon’s Rolling Western is a mix of tower defense and an action game. You star as Dillon, the titular character who also happens to be an armadillo. You go around 10 different towns protecting helpless villagers from nightly invasions of beings called Grocks. To do so you’ll mix tower building with traditional action controls. You’ll spend the daytime hours gathering resources, money and food to protect the town, but at night things get serious and it’s up to you to make sure the villagers make it through the night. Scrogs are a precious commodity and the invading Grocks like to eat them. If you lose all of the village’s Scrogs then it’s game over and you replay the day. As long as one Scrog survives you, and the villagers, will live to see another day.

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Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 106

Questions are asked on this episode of the Okie Cast.  What are the top five games Wii players want?  Who is still making SNES games?  Why haven’t Micah and I moved to Japan yet?  Will the Wii U controller be sentient?  Is Michael Pachter mad the Wii HD never happened?  These are the tough issues we talk through in episode 106.  We also talk about a few games; Zuma’s Revenge, Dillon’s Rolling Western, Zombie Parkour Runner and Namco Museum Virtual Arcade.

Starring – Tony, Micah, Shannon, Shelby
Run time – 1:44:08

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Two eShop Trailers

I’m always up for exciting news about the eShop. I really think the service is beginning to take off. I just downloaded Pushmo and have been playing through it. I’m really liking it so far. I’ll have a review of the game when we come back from the weekend. Until then I thought you’d like to see a couple of trailers for some upcoming Nintendo releases that will be hitting the store in early 2012. Dillon’s Rolling Western looks really interesting and Sakura Samurai has some charm to it as well. I’ll be picking both of these up when the are available. How about you?  These trailers are also available for download directly from the eShop.

eShop Sees a Large Number of Titles Set For Early 2012

The Nintendo eShop has been curiously devoid of a lot of original games to play. Much like the 3DS itself it’s been a bit of a slow starter, but things are starting to pick up. Nintendo has released two exclusive eShop games in the last month and they’re set to release three more at the beginning of 2012. None of the eShop games announced through a press release today has a firm release date, but they’re all slated for release in the first quarter of 2012.

Among the games announced Nintendo has three titles all set to go. The first was announced back at E3 2011, Dillon’s Rolling Western. This game stars an armadillo who’ll defend a town by rolling around and knocking down enemies. It’s a bit action and a bit tower defense, but it looks like a lot of fun. They’ve also got Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword, which was previously announced, but new to the list is Kirby’s Block Ball, which was originally released for the Game Boy back in 1996. There was no word whether this is a new game, or a remake of the original title.

Also coming to the eShop are two games being published by Nicalis. The first is NightSky, a moody platformer that stars a rolling ball that you need to navigate through dark levels filled with pits and other obstacles. The other is the criticially acclaimed VVVVVV. Wayforward continues their love of Nintendo platforms with a new, original eShop game, Mighty Switch Force.

That’s not all, though. Shin’en Multimedia has two games coming as well. Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH and a new game in the Jett Rocket franchise, Jett Rocket Super Surf. Zen Studios is bringing their popular pinball franchise Pinball FX to the 3DS in the form of Zen Pinball, which will have four tables available initially with more becoming available as downloadable content. Colors! 3D from Collecting Smiles rounds out the list of almost a dozen original eshop titles that will be available in the first three months of 2012.