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Namco Bandai Bringing Battle to Wii U With Tank! Tank! Tank!

The Wii was all about multiplayer experiences.  That’s why there was an over abundance of multiplayer, party games for the system.  The Wii U will undoubtably have some of those as well and Namco Bandai is going to be one of the first to do so with Tank! Tank! Tank!   This new game will pit up to four players together in a number of different modes of play.

Co-Op and Versus Modes – Play with or against your family and friends in cooperative or competitive modes.

Over the Top Multiplayer – Battle giant monsters, shoot powerful weapons and destroy buildings with up to four players.

Kong Mode – Put your picture on the face of Kong and become the enemy. Use the new controller to control Kong and battle your friends.

Story Mission Mode – Not in a mood to play with others? Fight against giant enemies exclusive for story mission mode and level up your tanks. You can also unlock new tanks by clearing specific missions.

Say Cheese! – Take a picture with the Wii U camera and dress up your avatar with helmets, masks, and more.

Head past the break for a trailer and a load of screenshots.

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Nintendo Land Could Be the Wii Sports of Wii U

Nintendo Land is collection of mini-games for Wii U that will hopefully be one of two things.  It will be a pack-in game for Wii U, much like Wii Sports was, or it will be a free download from the eShop that will get people to connect their systems online.  I would be okay with either.  Nintendo Land is basically a compilation of many of the games that were shown off at E3 last year like the ninja star game in the sizzle reel or the Chase Mii, Battle Mii games, though they all look like they’ve undergone some upgrades since then.

Up to five players will be able to play the twelve different “attractions” featured in the game.  Many of them are themed after popular Nintendo characters like Mario, Daisy or Link.  Right now we know five of the games that will be featured; Luigi’s Ghost Mansion (oh yea), Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, Donkey Kong’s Crash Course and Takamaru’s Ninja Castle.

After the break you’ll find a collection of trailers and screenshots for many of the games that will be featured in Nintendo Land.

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Project P-100 Has My Interest Piqued

Platinum has had a bit of a rocky past on Nintendo consoles.  Their one game for Wii, Madworld, didn’t do as well as people had hoped.  They’re back again, now with something a little bit different in tone to that previous game.  Project P-100 looks a bit like a top-down, superhero adventure and I think it looks really interesting.

Here are some of the checkboxes that you can mark off for the game.

*  Giant screen-filling robotic bosses?  Check

*  Crowds of adoring, superhero worshippers?  Check

*  Interesting use of the Wii U Gamepad?  Check

*  Supernatural, special abilities?  Check

*  Pikmin style use of adoring, superhero worshippers?  Check

*  Plenty of explosions?  Check

Check out this trailer for the game and a handful of screenshots and see if it interests you as well.

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Fire Emblem: Awakening Confirmed For North America

Surprisingly I just played my first Fire Emblem game with the release of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for 3DS Ambassadors.  I don’t know why it took this long to play a game in the franchise because I love turn-based, strategy games.  Needless to say I really liked it and I’m looking to play more games in the franchise.

During a Q&A session with Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo after the 3DS event tonight, Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed that Fire Emblem: Awakening will be heading to North America.  No word yet on when we can expect to see it over here.

Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 119

We’ve had some short shows over the last few weeks, so we make it up a little this week.  Tony, Shannon and I are joined by an old star of the podcast and the master Go Rounder, Will.  Not only that but Jesse Hardesty, the creator of the Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition, stops by to talk games and about the upcoming show.  We also talk a little E3 and the games we have been playing this week.  You can also look forward to a lot of P popping because I didn’t put my homemade pop screens on the mics.  Oops.

Starring – Tony, Shannon, Will, Jesse, Shelby
Run time – 2:12:22

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The Opinion Herd: E3 2012 Predictions

As of this article we are just four days away from Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference where they will hopefully be putting to rest all of the rumors about what their new system is going to be like. We should hopefully learn about the controller, what games will be available when the system launches and a general time frame for when we can get our hands on the little white box (assuming it still is white). Nintendo has been playing everything very close to their vest and the internet has been on fire with speculation for the system. Don’t forget they also have a handheld device to talk about as well. With all the talk about what Nintendo is going to do and whether or not Sony and Microsoft will discuss their next systems, we couldn’t help put toss our two cents into the ring. So, “Give us five of your predictions for what people can expect to see at E3 this year.”

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Tony’s Time: Wii U and the Controller Potential

So, we’re a week away from E3 and everyone’s getting ready for Nintendo’s big show. Last year was a trial run for what we’re going to see this year. It was basically Nintendo’s chance to let everyone see their early thoughts and designs on what their next home console can do. The controller was fairly well received with many of the people that got hands-on time with it praising the comfort and the possibility of the design. As we inch ever closer to this year’s event more and more details are surfacing about the system. Some of them are true and some of them are more or less speculation. We know the system is going to be HD capable and it’s going to be on par, slightly less powerful or slightly more powerful than the current HD consoles. My thought is it’s going to be slightly higher spec, but that’s just me thinking out loud. I want to focus more on the controller and I can’t help but toss my thoughts out about what I see in the controller. Continue reading Tony’s Time: Wii U and the Controller Potential