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Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 99

It’s been a slow news week but we manage to fill the podcast fine. Exploding refrigerators, exploding comments, exploding Kirbys; this show has it all. We actually go over time as we devote the end of the podcast to that whole SOPA thing. You can also look forward to Micah’s tale of the Zelda orchestra, Tony’s adventure through demo land, Mac’s exploding fridge (I already said that) and I try to describe Kirby Mass Attack. And to think, this isn’t even show 100 yet.

Starring – Tony, Micah, Mac, Shelby
Run time – 1:53:55

If you have some favorite podcast moments to share for episode 100, send them to podcast@nintendo-okie.com. Don’t forget to find us at all of your favorite internet, web spaces; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and our forum.