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Marth Amiibo Back In Gamestop

You heard right! Apparently Gamestop has started carrying Marth again. The rare Amiibo restock has begun! For those interested head over to Gamestop’s website to see if a store near you has one. Unfortunately, Amazon did have some in stock as well but sold out almost immediately. Thankfully, […]

Skylanders Pre-Order Bonuses

The next installment of the Skylanders franchise, Skylanders Swapforce is coming soon. To get you excited about the game Activision is giving you some incentives to plop down your money early. If you pre-order the game at Gamestop you’ll get an exclusive Light Core version of Hex, an […]

Poor uDraw

I’m saddened by the events recently that happened at THQ. I thought they were a publisher that was making a lot of the right moves. Ultimately it didn’t work out and things took a turn for the worse. Many people blame on specific thing on their demise, the […]