Con-soul Searching: Obsolete Box

The Vita’s not doing so hot right now.  I’m getting sick of hearing about it.  I went through the same thing with the 3DS launch.  These handhelds were launched with some typical, launch games but people always want something new.  Vita sales will pick up soon enough.  Things like Gravity Rush and a possible price drop are what I’m waiting for.  You know what’s not going to sell?  The PSP Go.  Man, what happened to that thing?  Lack of content, high price, no way to transfer your UMDs… yeah, Sony botched the PSP Go thing pretty bad.  However, Sony did make the first, all digital platform so for that they have secured their place in the history books.  Here’s the thing.  I have a tendency to pick up old systems several years after their prime; for the novelty and to add to my collection.  I imagine someday I will pick up a Go but depending on when that happens, it may be completely useless.

It’s only a matter of time before the PlayStation Network evolves past the point of PSP compatibility.  When that happens, it’s going to be hard to add new games to a PSP.  Granted the PSP has been hacked to oblivion and you can pirate just about anything you want at this point, but that doesn’t help somebody who wants to acquire things legally.  Ten years from now I may be able to add games to a Go through by using a computer but that stuff always seems shady.  It almost defeats the purpose of collecting a system like that.  Continue reading “Con-soul Searching: Obsolete Box”