Con-soul Searching: Once Upon A Time, The End

Video games are about having fun, but fun is such a relative term. Reviews generally talk about how a game functions or how it looks. It’s easy to get bogged down in all the mechanical aspects of game. So easy that video game stories often get overlooked. Why is that? I can’t speak for the game playing world but I play video games for a story. I will sit through a bad game if the story is interesting enough; Deadly Premonition, anyone? Granted, not all games overlook story. The Uncharted games excel at telling a good narrative. However, most games only have a paper thin story to tie missions together. Why is that?

I think it’s leftover from the days of the arcade. Back then all you needed was a paper thin story, or rather a premise, to grab a player’s attention. After that, it was all about game play with no time for story. Developers couldn’t Continue reading “Con-soul Searching: Once Upon A Time, The End”

Retro Redux: Kaboom!

I had so much fun with Laser Blast last week that I decided to stick with the 2600 library for another Retro Redux.  Kaboom! was released by Activision in 1981.  Like all other Activision carts, Kaboom! featured the designers front and center on the label.  Just like last week, Kaboom! was created by another of the founding members of Activision, Larry Kaplan.  Larry, like many … Continue reading Retro Redux: Kaboom!