Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 277

This week on the Okiecast, Joe assemblies an inkling army, Shannon battles for a trophy, Ethan travels in time to save his girlfriend and Micah and Shelby answer the riddle of the sphinx. episode-277 Starring – Micah, Shannon, Ethan, Joe, Shelby Run time – 1:35:56 Check out all the exciting ways you can contact us! Facebook group YouTube channel Twitter account Continue reading Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 277

Konami’s Hideki Hayakawa Talks About Their New Direction


And the Konami saga continues! Over the past 2 months, Konami has had some major issues going on. It started with a rift between famed designer, Hideo Kojima and the top brass at Konami. It then moved to Konami exiting the New York stock exchange. After that, Konami made a statement claiming they’re going to focus on mobile development. Since then, rumors have been going wild with people even thinking Silent Hill was going to be cancelled.

Well today, Konami’s Hideki Hayakawa was interviewed by Nikkei Trendy Net and sent the interview to Polygon to let people know they’re not leaving console development.

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Konami Shifting Focus Towards Mobile

The entire situation at Konami over the last few weeks has been incredibly strange. Relationships with famed developer Hideo Kojima seemingly worsened almost out of nowhere. He’s leaving the company once Metal Gear Solid V is released. His other game, a collaboration with director Guillermo del Toro has been cancelled. The sage behind P.T. grew stranger and stranger. The game is no longer available for … Continue reading Konami Shifting Focus Towards Mobile

Recent Kickstarters and What We Can Learn From Them

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There are three recent Kickstarter campaigns that I’ve looked at that should give the video game industry something to think about. At the same time there’s one long running developer that continues to be successful without seeing mass exoduses of its employees. All of these things are something that can be used to learn what I think makes for a good development environment. Neither scenario is completely perfect, but neither should they be ignored. There’s a nice balance between the old and the new that can be established and there are some companies that I think should take these lessons to heart.

The three Kickstarter campaigns we’re talking about have been hugely successful. Two of them are still currently active so we can’t get a gauge on just how successful they’re going to be in terms of funding. The other one, Mighty No. 9, according to its Kickstarter page finished its initial funding round with $3.85 million in funding from 67,226 backers. After the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter launched they made their goal of $270,000 in 40 minutes. They are, at this moment, sitting at over $2.3 million. Igarashi’s Kickstarter for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night made its goal of $500,000 in just less than four hours. In the first 24 hours they raised over $1 million.

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P.T. Completely Removed From PSN

Man, the saga behind Konami and Silent Hills continues to grow. A couple of weeks ago it was announced that the company was going to be removing P.T., the playable teaser for their upcoming Silent Hills game, from the Playstation Network. That happened last week on April 29th. It was not available for new downloads, but it was still available for people who had previously … Continue reading P.T. Completely Removed From PSN

Konami Exits New York Stock Exchange; Jools Watsham Tells Silent Hill Story

Over the past month or so, a lot has been going on at Konami. Hideo Kojima has been removed from everything Metal Gear, Kojima Productions appears to be moving away from Konami, and the new Silent Hill has been officially cancelled. It doesn’t end there though. Apparently Konami delisted itself from the New York Stock Exchange. The reason for this decision is because 99.71 percent … Continue reading Konami Exits New York Stock Exchange; Jools Watsham Tells Silent Hill Story

All Signs Point to Silent Hills Cancellation

It looks like the hugely popular “playable teaser”, P.T., for Silent Hills will have to remain just that, a playable teaser. The game appears to be dead. After word got out about the demo being removed from PSN as of Wednesday people began speculating about the fate of Konami’s survival horror franchise. During a talk with audience members at an event for the San Francisco … Continue reading All Signs Point to Silent Hills Cancellation

Rift Going On At Konami


Something strange is going on at Konami. Reports are coming in of a power struggle and fallout between Kojima Productions and Konami. The senior staff at Kojima Productions has restricted access to corporate internet, emails, and phones.

We also won’t be seeing very much of the senior staff from Kojima Productions in Metal Gear Solid V promotions. This will also include Mr. Hideo Kojima himself.

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Go Round – Snake’s Revenge

With Ethan around we decided to play one of his most adored franchises. However, in typical Go Round fashion, we pick the worst game in the series. Can you even consider Snake’s Revenge for the NES part of the Metal Gear series? Maybe not and you will soon see why. This game seems pretty bad but don’t just take my word for it… reading raaaaaainboooooow. Continue reading Go Round – Snake’s Revenge