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Site Updates

Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you know what was going on with the site. Last week my computer power cord essentially exploded. There was buzzing coming from the power brick followed by smoke. I’m pretty sure things like that aren’t supposed to happen. That means I […]

Extra Life

We’re now only two days away from Extra Life.  We’re all geared up here and ready to go.  We’ve got our schedule of events lined up.  We’re going to live stream the entire event.  All we need is for you to donate to help out.  24 hours is […]

Extra Life Schedule of Events

We’re less than a week away from Extra Life.  We want everyone in the community to join us that day for a fun filled day of video game playing and more.  We’re going to be giving away free games, free art books and more.  Even greater than that, […]

Extra Life Charity Event

We’re inching closer and closer to the day you all get to help us help children.  Nintendo Okie is participating in the Extra Life Charity Marathon.  We’ve been setting up for it.  We’ve got stuff to giveaway to anyone that joins us that day for the event.  We’re […]

Nintendo Okie Wants to Expand

Nintendo Okie started over a year ago now and since then we’ve been focused mainly on the realm of Nintendo when it comes to the gaming world.  The problem is, we don’t play only Nintendo games.  We all have multiple systems and play games on multiple platforms.  So, […]

Talk To Us

We here at Nintendo Okie are very keen on getting the community involved in the discussion about games.  We love talking about video games, but we love to talk to you guys.  We want to share in your discussions, your concerns and your happiness with the video game […]