Year In Review: Shannon’s Top 10 Games Of 2012

2012 Year in Review

You know, once I sat down to type this list, it caused me to do a lot of thinking I’ve never done before. I was having thoughts swarm my brain that caused me a whole lot of grief like, “which game is number one” and, “why exactly did I enjoy that game I haven’t played in six months?” I know my list probably won’t compare to any of the other guy’s, mainly because eight of them are for a handheld system but hey, here’s the top ten games I’ve played this year.


10. Find Mii (3DS) – Lots of people may look at this and scratch their head but I think it has well deserved a spot on my list. Find Mii has been a regular part of my day ever since I got my 3DS and is most definitely the best pre-installed software on the system. Now that my wife also has a 3DS, we have been tag-teaming that darn, dirty castle to rescue each other on a daily basis collecting new hats with each step!

Tekken 3D

9. Tekken 3D: Prime Edition (3DS) – I played a lot of Tekken 5 in high school and with my choice to skip out on owning a 360 or PS3, I thought I had missed out on getting another installment. Luckily, to my surprise in late 2011, Namco announced Tekken 3D: Prime Edition. This game almost has it all, fighting, awesome music, great stages and the inclusion of the full feature movie, Tekken Blood Vengeance. The only thing this game is missing is a story mode, but it still deserves a spot on my list.

Rhythm Heaven Fever

8. Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii) – I love rhythm games and I also love the frantic, craziness that is the WarioWare franchise. Now, take those two things and mesh them into one game… Awesome? I know! This is Rhythm Heaven Fever, a crazy, over-the- top, rhythm game that has the quirk of WarioWare mixed with the precise beats of Rock Band all put into a mess of mini-games no longer than two minutes. Once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop.

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Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 114

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Extra Life Schedule of Events

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Nintendo Okie Wants to Expand

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Talk To Us

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