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Random Weekend Time Go!: Rhythm Heaven Fever Meets Old Spice

It’s the weekend, and while this is usually Shelby’s time to post crazy random things on the internet I’m going to take a turn this week.  Rhythm Heaven Fever is set to hit North America early next year.  If you haven’t paid any attention to this game I think you should check it out.  It’s an insane mix of music, hitting buttons in time with the music and funny cartoons all mixed together.  The only releases in the series have so far been on handhelds, but the Wii is finally getting the game as well.  I think this is one you should really pay attention to for next year.  It’s no Skyward Sword in terms of depth, but its got it beat in terms of sheer fun.

This is a remix of one of the mini-games that’s featured in the title where a wrestler is being interviewed and will strike poses to the news reporters in the audience.  Now, though it’s been changed to feature Terry Crews, who’s been in a number of movies as well as starring in some Old Spice Commercials.  Enjoy.