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Yakuza 5 Releases in the Americas and Europe on December 8th

Yakuza 5 Header

During today’s PlayStation Experience keynote, Sony and Sega announced Yakuza 5 will be releasing in the Americas and Europe on Tuesday, December 8th.

This means that the 15% pre-order deal in the Americas will only last through Monday, Dec. 7.  If you’ve already preordered the game through PSN,  pre-loading will be available soon so you can have it ready ahead of Tuesday’s release.

Taking place across five different cities in Japan, Yakuza 5 follows five protagonists who have been involved with various Yakuza syndicates in the past. Through a series of events, the protagonists are forcibly dragged back into the seedy underworld of Japan and will need to rely on their fighting, driving, shooting, and dancing skills to survive.

If you want to see Yakuza 5 in action, check out the following developer interviews and live streams: Continue reading Yakuza 5 Releases in the Americas and Europe on December 8th

Console Companies Joining IARC

One of the biggest hurdles for developers has been getting their games rated. It’s one of the big reasons why region-locking exists. The good news is, this all may change soon.

GoNintendo is reporting that the German ratings board, USK, is joining the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC). The IARC is claiming that several digital distribution services, including all three console companies services, are also joining. Here’s what they said:

The USK announced that they will, as a founding member of the IARC, handle the age rating for apps and online games together with their partners. IARC is a groundbreaking swift of turning regional rating processes in a globalized one for apps. As the first distribution platforms Google Play Store and the Firefox Marketplace joined the system. Other partners like the Microsoft Xbox Live Store, Nintendo eShop and Playstation Network are awaited to join in the future.

This is going to be a huge benefit for indie developers. Lets hope this move will ultimately lead to a completely region-free future on all devices. Until then, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

P.T. Completely Removed From PSN

PTMan, the saga behind Konami and Silent Hills continues to grow. A couple of weeks ago it was announced that the company was going to be removing P.T., the playable teaser for their upcoming Silent Hills game, from the Playstation Network. That happened last week on April 29th. It was not available for new downloads, but it was still available for people who had previously downloaded it and may want to download it again.

If you didn’t download the game to your system then you are now completely out of luck.
 has not only been removed from PSN for new downloads it’s also no longer available to be redownloaded by people who had “purchased” the game previously.

I checked my PS4 earlier and that is the case. I had gone online and attached the game to my account so that in the future should I ever want to download it I would be able to. When I went to my library it had been completely removed. A search of PSN confirmed it’s no longer available there as well.

This hasn’t happened often, if at all before. Any time a game had been removed from the digital stores it was still available to download for people who had purchased a license. This is a disturbing sign of things that could come in the future with games being completely de-listed and not available for people who’d legitimately purchased a game.

PSN Under Constant Attack

PSNDDoSThis past holiday season was one of the most exciting holidays for gaming families. All the systems were out and available for people to purchase at very reasonable prices. The holiday season was also packed with games for every type of taste. This is also why the holiday season was even more disappointing for excited new console owners.

The server downtime due to DDoS attacks stopped many families from enjoying their new presents and even caused console companies to ban together to fight against hackers in the future.

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida addressed this subject at GDC when speaking to Game Informer:

We are always always working against these attacks. Actually, an attack happens every day. Literally every day. Some days are bigger and some days smaller. Some days they devise new means, new ways – it’s like cat and mouse. We have a partner company we work with, and we always update the new ways the attacker might deploy, so it is a constant battle.

It shouldn’t come as a shocker that a big game company gets under attack but this sounds pretty relentless. It’s a good thing the console companies are banning together against this.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Heading to Consoles

Arkahm Blackgate 4

Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate was released on the Vita and the 3DS last year.  It told the story of events that took place between Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Asylum.  The game was developed by Armature Studios and featured a 2.5D perspective with a slightly modified version of the combat system from the 3D releases of the series.

Now the game is making the jump to consoles.  On April 1st players will be able to download the game, titled Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Deluxe Edition, on PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U for $19.99.  This new console release will feature enhanced, HD visuals, a new map and a hint system that will aid them in navigating the winding corridors of Blackgate Prison.  Also, by registering the game with a Warner Bros. ID account you’ll have access to a new Zero Year Batsuit that was not previously available to players.  All of the other suits that were available in the game will still be featured.

Mutant Mudds Deluxe Review (PSN)

PSN Mudds 1

If you haven’t yet been privileged to assume the role of Max in this dirty adventure, Renegade Kid has made it available on another platform! Is there anywhere they won’t put Mutant Mudds? Anyway, grab your warer pistols folks, the muddy invasion has made it’s way to PSN!

What You Need To Know

I’m not going to go into much detail here. Considering there have been countless releases of this game on multiple platforms, you can read Tony’s review of the 3DS version HERE and his review of the Wii U version HERE if you’d like more information about the story or overall game’s design.

Mudds 2Stunning HD

To be honest, I was originally skeptical about how Mutant Mudds would port to a high definition platform. In my past experiences, taking a game with the looks of an old SNES game and blowing them up on a 42″ screen just mucks up the original look and feel that you remember. Having only played this game in the past on my 3DS, both the PS Vita’s OLED screen and my HDTV when playing it on the PS3 bring a new life to this beautiful game! The work that has been done to make Mutant Mudds look astounding in HD shows you that Renegade Kid is capable of making a game look good on anything. Continue reading Mutant Mudds Deluxe Review (PSN)