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Console Companies Joining IARC

One of the biggest hurdles for developers has been getting their games rated. It’s one of the big reasons why region-locking exists. The good news is, this all may change soon. GoNintendo is reporting that the German ratings board, USK, is joining the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC). […]

P.T. Completely Removed From PSN

Man, the saga behind Konami and Silent Hills continues to grow. A couple of weeks ago it was announced that the company was going to be removing P.T., the playable teaser for their upcoming Silent Hills game, from the Playstation Network. That happened last week on April 29th. […]

PSN Under Constant Attack

This past holiday season was one of the most exciting holidays for gaming families. All the systems were out and available for people to purchase at very reasonable prices. The holiday season was also packed with games for every type of taste. This is also why the holiday […]

Go Round – Divekick

Games today are very complex. Many take full use of controllers and every button serves many different purposes depending on the context. Not this game. Watch this week as we play a two button fighting game called Divekick. One button jumps and the other button kicks. That’s all […]