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Incoming Nintendo Direct This Week

Nintendo Direct is officially happening this week. Nintendo has announced and dated their newest Direct for November 12 at 2 P.M PT via Twitter. This will be the first Direct presentation since the Mr. Satoru Iwata’s passing.


Last month, Nintendo’s new CEO Tatsumi Kimishima stated during an investors meeting that Nintendo has more unannounced titles for the Wii U and 3DS for the holiday season. Now is definitely a good time to talk about them. Let’s see what cards Nintendo is holding.

Mr. Iwata Did The Localization Programing For Dragon Warrior

DragonWarriorSince the unfortunate and unexpected announcement of Mr. Iwata’s passing, many people have shared their condolences in and out of the industry. Others who have worked closer with Mr. Iwata have looked back and reflected on past experiences. One such individual is Yuji Horii of Dragon Quest fame. Apparently, Mr. Iwata was also a key individual in the release of the first Dragon Warrior Quest game in the west.

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Nintendo Genyo Takeda’s Full Memorial Statement For Satoru Iwata

Iwata Is Hoping For a Big Holiday

During Satoru Iwata’s funeral, Genyo Takeda delivered a heart-felt memorial address in which he gave his condolences and pledged to continue Mr. Iwata’s legacy. Nintendo released and translated the statement. This is what he said.

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Thousands Attend Satoru Iwata’s Funeral; Nintendo Thanks Everybody For the Support


Thousands of friends, family members, colleagues and fans shown up to Mr. Iwata’s funeral over the past two days which was held according to Japanese custom. Nintendo said that over 2,600 people attended the services the first day and 1,500 attended the second day. This many people shown up despite terrible weather from a nearby Typhoon.

Genyo Takeda, who is co-running the business alongside Mr. Miyamoto until a replacement is decided on, delivered the eulogy. In it, he said that he and Mr. Miyamoto would finish the work that Mr. Iwata started.

The seeds that Mr. Iwata planted would one day grow into flowers “that will make people around the world smile.”

Nintendo NCL, Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Europe, and Nintendo of Australia all took to social media to thank everybody for all the support and condolences and also to thank those for showing up to the funeral.

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Iwata Asks Page Receives Tribute Banner


One of the more unique things that Nintendo has become known for in the past 10 years were the Iwata Asks features. Iwata Asks were a series of interviews by Mr. Iwata himself where he interviewed various different people about their jobs, their roles, and their creations. Many times, they gave a closer look at different products and more insight on the development process.

Nintendo has updated the Iwata Asks part of their site with a small tribute in the form of a banner. Here’s what it says:

These installments of Iwata Asks remind us of our dear colleague, friend and mentor, Mr. Satoru Iwata, upon his passing.

Unfortunately, it’s not likely that we’ll see anymore Iwata Asks features. We may not even see anything similar to it. However, these are a great collection of interviews that I highly recommend giving a read.

Nintendo Cancels Camp Miiverse; Thanks the Community For The Support

Nitnendo Logo

This has obviously been a very tough past few days for Nintendo. Because of what has happened, we can expect the next week or so to be a bit slower revolving around the Big N. Due to the recent events, Nintendo has decided to cancel further Camp Miiverse activities. This news comes in the way of a Miiverse post from Tom.

Hi everyone,

We decided to cancel future Camp Miiverse activities this summer in light of the recent events. Please accept my deepest and most sincere gratitude to everyone who joined. We hope you had fun playing, and continue to do so playing our games. Thank you.

Nintendo also put out a message thanking the community for the support through the hard times.

NintendPals Episode 22: In Dedication to Satoru Iwata

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In this weeks episode Myles and Nick pay tribute to the President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata who passed away on Sunday 12th July. Also this week, they do a horrible job of reading the headlines, trade some Pokemon and do 5 Live Remaining possibly for the last time ever. Continue reading NintendPals Episode 22: In Dedication to Satoru Iwata