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Life of a Santa – Yakuza 5

Yakuza 5.3.1Running through the snowy streets of Tsukimino, I chanced upon a man in a Santa suit lying on the ground.  He informed me a gang called The Santa Hunters.  Apparently they are infamous amongst the Santas as they have waged a literal war on Christmas.  The man lying on the ground was merely a casualty of that war.  Though his body was beaten, his heart still shined brightly as he still hoped to bring joy to the hearts of kids everywhere.  He knew he was outmanned in this battle and begged me to join the ranks of the Santa. Continue reading Life of a Santa – Yakuza 5

Life of a Taxi Driver – Yakuza 5

Yakuza 5 Cast

In the Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan lies the lesser-known city of Nagasugai.  One of the big allures of Nagasugai is that people are allowed to actually drive in town.  Lucky for you, you’ve got your license in order and are employed by a local taxi company.  You may only have six months of training but, being ex-yakuza, you know how to follow the rules.  Do not go past the speed limit, stop at all stop signs and – for the love of all – be on the lookout for pedestrians!  Seriously, they’re like deer.  They’ll stand at crosswalks and wait until you’re just about to pass through before making their move.  And when you see one pedestrian mow through a crosswalk you should be prepared to stop because there’s bound to be more that follow.  I recommend driving around with your high beams at night so you can have a bit more time to react when pedestrians dart across the road.  And don’t try to give the police officers the excuse that the pedestrian hit you because no matter what it will ALWAYS be YOUR fault.

Sometimes you get to pick up pedestrians and take them for a ride.  Then they can see first-hand what it’s like trying to avoid these collisions, but when you look back they’ll be staring down at their cell phones and not paying attention to what you’re doing.  Case in point!

Continue reading Life of a Taxi Driver – Yakuza 5

Contest: Win a copy of Yakuza 5 for PlayStation 3!

Yakuza 5 Header

EDIT: The contest submission window is closed. The winner will be announced on episode 293 of the Nintendo Okie Podcast.

Our friends at Sega of America were kind enough to provide us with a copy of Yakuza 5 to give away to one lucky winner!

All you need to do is submit a Yakuza-themed haiku to:

Here is a short podcast where we explain the contest.
Yakuza 5 Haiku Contest

Here are some examples:

I punched him real hard
That building is on fire
How’d your shirt come off?

Kazuma is dope.
Family values and a heart.
It’s the every-game.

Submit your Yakuza-themed haiku to podcast@nintendo-okie.com by 11:59pm CST on Friday, December 11th, and we will randomly select a winner! The winner will be announced on Episode 293 of the Nintendo Okie Podcast on Monday, December 14th, 2015. The code for Yakuza 5 can only be redeemed on the North American PlayStation Network store.  Yakuza 5 is available exclusively on PlayStation 3.


Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 292

Micah can’t contain himself during the news. It was a very good week for him. He flexed his superpower like no one ever has. Robert Busey stops by to give us an update on his game, Sword ‘n’ Board, and even gives away a copy to one of you lucky listeners. Have those Steam clients open. Shelby makes bad decisions. Shannon gets grounded. Tony feels the need for speed.

This week’s show ends with NoA President Reggie Fils-Aime talking about late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata from the recent Video Game Awards. If you haven’t heard that speech yet make sure you stick around until the end.

Episode 292
Hosts: Tony, Shelby, Micah, Shannon, Robert
Run Time: 2:20:00

You know all the site you can find us on; Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.  You can find Robert at Twitch, or Facebook.  He gives away a copy of the game every day on his Twitch stream.  Make sure you check him out.

Yakuza 5 Releases in the Americas and Europe on December 8th

Yakuza 5 Header

During today’s PlayStation Experience keynote, Sony and Sega announced Yakuza 5 will be releasing in the Americas and Europe on Tuesday, December 8th.

This means that the 15% pre-order deal in the Americas will only last through Monday, Dec. 7.  If you’ve already preordered the game through PSN,  pre-loading will be available soon so you can have it ready ahead of Tuesday’s release.

Taking place across five different cities in Japan, Yakuza 5 follows five protagonists who have been involved with various Yakuza syndicates in the past. Through a series of events, the protagonists are forcibly dragged back into the seedy underworld of Japan and will need to rely on their fighting, driving, shooting, and dancing skills to survive.

If you want to see Yakuza 5 in action, check out the following developer interviews and live streams: Continue reading Yakuza 5 Releases in the Americas and Europe on December 8th

Phantasy Star Online 2 Still Not Coming West


Earlier this month, Sega announced that Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting a Playstation 4 release. This, of course, lead people to believe it would be getting a western release as well. Well, unfortunately, the games status is still in a state of not a no, not a yes, but not at this time. Here’s what a rep from Sega said:

Sega is currently not planning to release the PS4 version of Phantasy Star Online 2 outside of Japan.

Phantasy Star Online 2 originally released back in 2012 on PC and was brought to Vita 2013. It was teased for a western release back in 2012 at PAX but Sega has since went silent about it, giving non-answers when pressed.