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Nintendo Okie and SOPA

As we talked about on Episode 99 of the Nintendo Okie Podcast this week we’re all pretty much unanimously against the two bills currently going through Congress right now that deal with online piracy. SOPA (the House Of Representatives) and PIPA (the Senate) are aimed at helping media companies deal with places that have no regard for their intellectual property. While the bills were mainly targeted at foreign sites there’s no denying that the implications for North America and the world as a whole were pretty huge.

The bills themselves are too vague and too overreaching to be a satisfactory solution. SOPA was actually changed this past weekend to remove the most contentious part of the bill, which would allow companies to essentially block all access to sites that are found to be in violation.

Nintendo Okie does not support these bills, but we will not be joining sites like Wikipedia, or to some extent Google, which are shutting down today. I personally feel that making sure you have access to all of the content that you know and love and to be able to get the news that you’re looking for are far more important than going offline to protest a bill that doesn’t appear that it’s even going to pass. There are better ways out there to make your voice heard.

I encourage everyone to get in contact with their representatives in all areas of government to voice your opinion, not only against these bills, but to always let your voice be heard. Your representatives are in place to represent you. They can’t do that if they don’t know how you feel. So whether you approve of the bill or don’t contact them; let them know how you stand.

I agree that piracy is a problem. Everyone has the right to protect their creations, but censoring the internet and removing people’s access to information is wrong. There are already things in place to help companies deal with people who steal their material, but these bills are wrong and it looks like Congress and the White House are finally getting the message.

So we’ll be around all day. You’re still going to get news. I’ve got a review for a pretty good DSiWare game coming up later today. Head on over to the forums or leave comments below letting us know how you feel.

Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 99

It’s been a slow news week but we manage to fill the podcast fine. Exploding refrigerators, exploding comments, exploding Kirbys; this show has it all. We actually go over time as we devote the end of the podcast to that whole SOPA thing. You can also look forward to Micah’s tale of the Zelda orchestra, Tony’s adventure through demo land, Mac’s exploding fridge (I already said that) and I try to describe Kirby Mass Attack. And to think, this isn’t even show 100 yet.

Starring – Tony, Micah, Mac, Shelby
Run time – 1:53:55

If you have some favorite podcast moments to share for episode 100, send them to podcast@nintendo-okie.com. Don’t forget to find us at all of your favorite internet, web spaces; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and our forum.