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Don’t Fear The Panda

This Free Weekend is both cute and relevant.  Below you will find an adorable video of a baby panda.  It’s short.  A lot of people may be scared of pandas because they are bears, or for whatever reason.  I am here to tell you, don’t fear the panda.  […]

Tekken 3D: Prime Edition Review (3DS)

In years past, fighting games haven’t always had their best showing on handheld systems. With limited online capabilities, physical buttons, and technical horsepower, it’s been difficult to capture the console and arcade experience while on the go, but some recent titles on the 3DS, including Super Street Fighter […]

So, I’ve decided…

On episode 101 of the Nintendo Okie Podcast I had mentioned that I was disappointed about Resident Evil: Revelations getting a price drop. This was because that news made it hard for me to decide whether or not to get Resident Evil over my pre-order of Tekken 3D: […]