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Nintendo Download – Week of May 12th

Disney Art AcademyThis week might be the best time for anyone to check out the pretty polarizing DS game, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.  It makes it’s Virtual Console debut on the Wii U this week.  Super Meat Boy makes its way to another Nintendo platform and everyone can now finally learn how to draw the three most famous circles in children’s entertainment history with Disney Art Academy.

Head past the break to see the full lineup of new stuff heading to 3DS and Wii U this week.

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Nintendo’s E3 “Press Conference” Plans Announced


The last few years Nintendo has foregone the traditional E3 press conference in favor of a more personable approach, the Nintendo Direct. In those vidoes they showed off and talked about all the games that they had coming up over the next few months to get fans excited for what was to come. This year they’ll be doing something altogether different. They will not be going back to the press conference format. They won’t be doing another hour long Direct video.

This year is all about Zelda. They’re going to be showing off the next installment of the Legend of Zelda series, which is set to release for Wii U and NX sometime in 2017. This year for their pre-conference press event, they will be doing a livestream of The Legend of Zelda. Beginning at 12:00pm EST on June 14th Treehouse Live will be streaming footage from the next game starring Link. The game will be streamed live from the show floor via Nintendo’s Youtube and Twitch channels. You can also view it here: http://e3.nintendo.com.

Will you be watching?

NintendPals: Episode 53

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This week on NintenPals’ we pick through the fallout of the recent financial meeting that Nintendo held and give our opinions on all of the big news, we also talk about the other pressing issues in the world of Nintendo. Otherwise we talk about Star Fox Zero, Earthworm Jim and Saints Row 4. Continue reading NintendPals: Episode 53

NintendPals Episode 52

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This week me and Nick try another method of communicating with each other as Skype continues to give us problems which means that we really struggle to hear each other and Nick has a weird buzzing…

Otherwise we chat about the brand new Star Fox Zero which came out on Friday, Myles finally finished Twilight Princess, Nick made his Game Boy Advanced SP shiny and we talk about out favourite Kirby games.

DISCLAIMER: There is a buzzing noise for the first 5 minutes of the show. If you find it to annoying skip to about the 5 minute mark and it will have dissapeared. Apologies for this, we’re still trying to find a good solution for communicating.

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What the NintendPals & Pals Have Been Playing – 16/04/16

James Haden – NintendPals Youtube Contributor

This week I’ve been playing StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void

jh2This is a game I have completed twice already but it’s such an amazing game. It’s the last expansion to the StarCraft 2 saga made by Blizzard and it’s a Real Time Strategy game. This is a genre I’ve always enjoyed since the days of Warcraft 3 and Command and Conquer.

For those of you that have heard of StarCraft 2, this expansion is easily, for me, the best one of the series. The storyline behind it is amazing and it ties up loose ends from the days of StarCraft back in the 90’s as well as StarCraft 2 over 5 years ago and Heart of the Swarm, the second instalment to StarCraft 2.

There are lots of jaw dropping moments, the first time you see Ulnar, Zeratuls involvement, The Taldarim and all sorts. The actual gameplay is very easy to pick up also; it gives help during the first few missions and then prompts visually after that should you need it. For those who are used to RTS games it will have a familiar feel in controls. Continue reading What the NintendPals & Pals Have Been Playing – 16/04/16

NintendPals: Episode 50

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We made it!!! 50 whole episodes and we’re so grateful to everyone who has listened to us. In this weeks episode we talk about the latest news like the fake NX pad, Miitomo’s Western launch and Wii U possible stopping production. We also each list our least favourite characters from the Mario universe and talk about Castlevania in Retro Game of the Week. Continue reading NintendPals: Episode 50

What the NintendPals and Pals Have Played – 19/03/16

Welcome to what will hopefully become a new regular feature here at Nintendo-Okie. Each Saturday a selection of Nintendo-Okie staff and contributors and NintendPals listeners will be going over what they’ve been playing this week.

You may have to bear with us for a couple of weeks whilst sort out structure and things like that so let us know if you have any feedback for us

Also if you’d like to get involved then send an email to mylesfoale@nintendo-okie.com, but without further adieu here’s this weeks instalment of What NintendPals & Pals Have Played… Continue reading What the NintendPals and Pals Have Played – 19/03/16