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Darksiders II Being Pulled From the eShop

Darksiders 2

If you’re looking to grab yourself a digital copy of Darksiders II you better do so quick. The game will no longer be available for purchase after March 31st. It’s almost like another nail just being added to the already rotting coffin of THQ. There is no plans for a sale during these last few days so it’ll run you the full retail price. I think this is one of those games that could plummet in price soon if no one picks up the license, though Crytek is supposedly in talks to do just that. I would love the see this franchise continue.

If you have already purchased a copy through the eShop, you don’t need to worry about it being unavailable. You’ll still be able to re-download it should you need to in the future. It’s simply not going to be available for any new purchases after this month.

Poor uDraw

I’m saddened by the events recently that happened at THQ. I thought they were a publisher that was making a lot of the right moves. Ultimately it didn’t work out and things took a turn for the worse. Many people blame on specific thing on their demise, the uDraw Tablet. That was a device that actually sold really well on Wii, but failed miserably when the company tried to apply it to the Xbox 360 and PS3. I thought the device was neat. It had some fun games (Marvel Super Hero Squad and the Spongebob game especially). It was a device that got used pretty well around my house on the 360.

My son was given a version of the uDraw tablet for the Wii at Christmas by a family member. As part of my recent purge of some game related clutter I was going to trade in some of the games I had for the 360 tablet. Alas, I couldn’t. Gamestop will not accept anything related to the uDraw tablet in trade. They said everything for that device, and games are worth a penny to them so they won’t accept them.

It’s sad to see.

Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 149

Nintendo Okie Podcast LogoWhat can I say at this point?  My computer is saving the podcast file as I type this and it’s not showing up till a few seconds after I push the buttons.  Weird.  Which is what you can expect from this podcast.  Not a lot of news, not a lot of game playing and not a lot of Tony, but somehow we manage to carry on.  I would summarize what we talked about right here but… I can’t remember.

Starring – Micah, Shannon, Shelby
Run time – 1:28:33

So here’s the deal.  I am going to give you a bunch of links you should click on to make your overall internet experience better; podcast@nintendo-okie.com, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, forum.