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Johnny Kung Fu Review (eShop)

If there is one thing the world needs more of it’s Game & Watch style games. They’ve fallen out of favor since they were first released back in the 1980s as technology has improved, but I still think they’re incredibly fun. I’ve always thought there was something mildly […]

Johnny Kung Fu Trailer #2

UFO Interactive has sent along a new trailer for their upcoming eShop game, Johnny Kung Fu.  This shows off even more of the game play and the mix of the modern visuals and the older Game & Watch style games.  I’m really interested in this one.  

Zombie Slayer Diox Trailer

UFO Interactive is currently publishing one game on the eShop called Samurai Sword Destiny, which is a side scrolling brawler similar to Muramasa: The Demon Blade.  They’ve just released the trailer for another game that will be coming to the eShop later this year called Zombie Slayer Diox. […]

Saint Gameplay Footage

Howdy Howdy everyone. I told you on the podcast about a game called Saint. I learned from Shelby, Will and Peter on the show that it’s based on the same story as Dragonball Z. I caught those similarities during my first playthrough of the game, but since I’ve […]