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Just A Little Off the Top

The next Club Nintendo digital reward is now available and it’s a WiiWare game.  Bonsai Barber, which has you giving virtual veggies “hair” cuts to match a particular style.  I never played this one, but it was always one I was interested in.  I might have to check […]

The Question Block – Episode 53

The hits just keep coming.  This week another celebrity takes a shot at The Hot Seat when Mel Kirk from Zen Studios tests his knowledge of Mass Effect.  After the smoke clears we pick his brain about Marvel Pinball and all other things Zen Studios.  Do you think […]

RedLynx Audio Interview

We have a great interview right here, folks.  This time Tony and I have a chat with RedLynx community manager, Daniel Nixon.  We had an absolute blast recording this one so I’m sure y’all will enjoy listening to it.  We ask Daniel about the development and community for […]